07 April 2009

as promised...

Here come a few of the many pictures that I took from our busy weekend past....as promised.

On Saturday (Daddy Buck's Saturday off for April), our day was spent at the annual Louisiana Strawberry Festival in Ponchatoula, Louisiana.

It was a terrific spring Saturday full of bright sunshine, a mid-morning parade, carnival rides, food, drink, and music shared with our dear friends from Mississippi that made the trip to share in the fun with us.

On Sunday, as I ailed from my self-inflicted sunburn, we went to our annual neighborhood Easter egg hunt.

The children were divided into two age groups....4 and under & 4 and over. Buck-a-roo captured the prize in the 4 and under category for racing past the toddling toddlers and snatching up 39 eggs and proudly chanting "I won...I won" as his basket overflowed finding the most Easter eggs strowed across the lawn of our neighborhood park. Frank-o also nabbed a prize egg....so all was good in the Vaughn house of egg-hunters!


Courtney and the Boys said...

Oh my!! Those are precious pictures...looks like a good time was had by all!

Pam said...

How cute! Great pics, too. Y'all were really busy, weren't you?