25 May 2009

graduating and debuting

Buck-a-roo officially had his last day of PreK3...

and Frank-o had the opportunity to celebrate with him because he was home from school "supposedly sick". He also was able to experience the fun of preschool for a day in hopes that it will inspire him to finish potty-training so that he too can join the PreK3 fun. Judging from the laundry that I just finished folding that contained 10+ pairs of Frank-o underwear from the past two days....I'm not holding my breath.

On a much more positive note for Frank-o....he made his Tball debut this week filling in on Buck-a-roo's team as there were several players absent from Thursday's game.

He was entusiastic, elated, even ecstatic....

He has dressed in a red tshirt and cleats for every game to play with his dad on the sidelines as he watched his big brother play "for real" and could almost taste it himself. Being too young to officially be on the team, he was pacified by practicing on the sidelines but his hunger was never satiated until Thursday evening when he took the field "for real".

All I can hope for, is that Buck-a-roo's teammates rotate weeks going on an early summer vacation for the next two weeks so that Frank-o can "pinch-hit" when called upon from now until the season's end.


Pam said...

He looks so cute dressed out in the team colors. His "ploy" finally paid off and he got to play on the big team!

Maybe if you used dressing out as leverage for potty training you'd have a reduction in your laundry loads. ;-)

And I'm back to being "comment crazy" because I'm finally able to read up on what all my peeps have been doing for the past 3 weeks. We still need to chat. I'll email you soon...hopefully!

A Day in the Life of a Girl Named Kimber said...

That little Frank-o is gonna be a heartbreaker...that little smile is gonna make the girls go nuts!

Trish said...

Those pictures crack me up. I love when the little kids "play ball"!