27 July 2009

Orange for Stellan


Only for you, Stellan, would I post a picture of myself on my blog, half-made for the day with a wet head of hair.

I am wearing orange today from head


to toe in honor of Stellan.


Being an pediatric ICU nurse, I understand the fragile state and the impending grave danger that Stellan is facing at this time. I also have recently been in correspondence with MckMama, via email, since our son was recently diagnosed his heart condition . Though, thousands of miles seperate us, I feel a closeness to this family and I am asking that you, please, join me in keeping Stellan in your prayers.

If you too are wearing orange of Stellan’s behalf today, are in constant prayer for Stellan, creating new “Stellan” pictures or memorabilia….please link us to your blog using the MckLinky below.