11 July 2009

A year ago, today

A year ago, today..... John McCain and Barrack Obama were in a near dead heat race for the presidency, according to the 42%-48% ratings respectively in the polls.

A year ago, today..... Dog meat was officially banned from the menus of all designated Olympic restaurants in London for the 2008 Olympics. A year ago, today.... Apple's 3G iPhone hit the market.

A year ago, today.....these boys played in the dirt


A year ago, today.... this blog was created for them, as a place to record, track, commemorate, acknowledge, and praise all the funny, good, not-so-good, developmental, and exciting happenings that go about in their lives on a daily (or every day or so) (or as often as their Mother has time to document) basis.


Here we are today.....exactly ONE year later

same two boys, cute as can be, a smidgen taller and wiser, Buck-a-roo wearing his favorite clothes and Frank-o still sporting a mohawk and not caring what, if any, clothing he's wearing, improved manners, much more talkative, just completed swimming lessons, now aspiring to tackle tennis and karate.

still hugging and kissing on each other, laughing aloud daily, getting in timeout occasionally, and providing me with plenty writing material, all the while filling my writing time with new fun extracurricular activities, which is just fine by me.