13 August 2009

sick and tired


IMG_3167 Well, that’d be Buck-a-roo. Since returning from the beach, he’s been battling a vicious ear infection.


We’ve been home for three days now…. playing games, choking down antibiotics, watching movies, putting drops and cotton balls in the ear, watching shows and playing games on Mom’s iPhone, whining, fussing, and enjoying being home ALONE without little brother.




That’d be me! Tired…..of what?

Tired of keeping my house pristinely immaculately perfectly put together and squeaky clean for a realtor to show at a moment’s notice.

We are a clean, neat, organized family that, even still, has difficulty just living and being us while having our home on the real estate market {for 3 months now}. PLEASE, just get a bite, a “for real” bite real soon!!