08 September 2009

6 years and counting

Please do excuse the Duggar pun as we are a good 13 years shy of even breaking their total number of offspring!


We did, however, kick off the weekend with our anniversary dinner on Friday night as our actual anniversary was, and always seems to be, smack in the middle of opening weekend of dove season.

And just because Daddy Buck so enjoys posing for pictures, here you have the……

”I can’t believe she’s making me pose for these silly pictures to document our 6th anniversary as all the neighbors are outside hooting and hollering at us….so I’m gonna make her feel incredibly uncomfortable while our neighbor photographs us by acting all seductive, eyes closed, breathing down her neck”!!


Thanks Kimber for taking our pictures.....check out her blog here!

While Daddy Buck was hunting for the holiday weekend, the boys and I headed to Alexandria for an extended stay with my parents. It was three days of enjoying grandparents and greatgrandparents, playing Dominoes and Spades, watching football, hitting golf balls, homemade milkshakes,


playing at the park, lots of wrestling, tee-teeing in pants, quarreling brothers, hours of bickering in the car…..(oh wait seems that I’ve gotten off track here)!!


and a stop at the local Dairy Queen that went a bit like this….

Welcome to Dairy Queen, may I take your order please:


“I’ll have a kiddie size chocolate dipped ice cream cone; hold the chocolate, can the cone, with a spoon on the side please”


“And, I’ll have a kiddie size red slush, cuz I don’t like ice cream puhlease”


{oh, really!}


Finally….to answer the question, Are we excited about LSU Football?