11 September 2009

Flashback Friday……laughing boys

It’s been a while since we took a glimpse back to look at some old pictures of the boys.  In this Flashback Friday, I’ve gone back to this, the second week of September, three years ago. 


Though it appears that Buck-a-roo might be in a state of acute pain or torture here, I remember the moment very well and that is definitely not the case.  He was completely cracking up at himself at the fact that he had wandered into my bathroom and discovered the hairdryer all on his own. 

Let’s not discuss the poor quality and overuse of flash in the picture….let’s just focus on how far I’ve progressed in my picture-taking abilities over the past year or so. 


I do not recollect this situation with Frank-o is as much detail.  It is from the same week and at this stage, it was easy to make him grin/giggle for the camera (as it is with most 3-6 month old babies). 

Once again….poor quality photography (dark, over-filled with light and pixelated), but nonetheless photographic memories of my laughing boys!!

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{Kimber} said...

they were adorable...even then :)