13 September 2009

rainy days

Our boys and their well chosen attire pretty much sums up the past four consecutive days here in southern Louisiana, and all of LA for that matter. It has been four overcast, humid, constant drizzle with numerous downpours, soggy kindof days.


We have colored pictures, cut construction papers, played Playdoh, baked cupcakes, taken naps, watched football, played Memory, made cereal necklaces, taken baths for fun, eaten everything in sight, ventured out to WalMart and McDonalds, grilled on the back covered patio and wished, whined, whimpered, and wailed about wanting to play outside!!


As I mentioned in this post, I did have Saturday night plans that began with a rather suh-weet surprise!!

Here’s a teaser photo….please do notice ME (black capris, purple/gold tiger stripe tie dye shirt) in the blurry reflection of the mirror, crouching stance frantically snapping pictures as fast as my little fingers would snap.


I will post many more pictures as soon as I finish editing the 80+ pics that I took.

For now, it’s goodnight as I drift off to sleep to the sound of {what’s that I hear}…..RAIN!!!


LeAndMatt said...

oh so jealous! and is that a skoal can i spot in his back pocket....oh girl you are so lucky...I would brave the rain for that any day!

{Kimber} said...

thatis just WRONG!!!
don't leave us hanging!!!