22 September 2009

“Somebody Call 9-1-1????”


Police Officer Buck-a-roo and Firefighter Frank-o are on the scene……..


Actually, a week or so ago, upon arriving home from school…..the boys discovered a large box at the front door containing their Halloween costumes. 

{aren’t the  UPS/FedEx delivery guys instructed to hide these packages from suspecting 3&4 year olds that could arrive home from school and pounce the packages placed at the front door in an effort to allow their mothers’ adequate time to lay hands on them and aggressively hide them until much, much, much closer to Halloween.}

I. Guess. Not.

Needlesstosay, they have begged, pleaded, and successfully persuaded me, their mother, to allow them to play with the accessories, i.e. the respective hats, whistle, walkie-talkie, fire extinguisher, and ax, that were included with the costumes. 


DOGgone {spotted Dalmation}!!!!!!…..if they aren’t the cutest rescue heroes that I’ve ever seen!!

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Courtney and the Boys said...

Adorable!!!! And you make me laugh. :)