23 October 2009

Friday Flashback

I have done Friday Flashback posts in the past; however, this week I decided to add a MckLinky list to the bottom of the post. Since my blog following has recently grown a {wee} bit, I thought the added participation might be fun.

In honor of the season, this week’s Friday Flashback photo comes from:

Fall/Halloween 2008

I remember this picture well because it is the actual picture that I chose for our Halloween cards last year. As you can see, this picture was taken pre-DSLR camera the boys were LSU-inspired on their costumes {chosen by their Mommy} last year, as an LSU football player and LSU’s Mike the Tiger. Buck-a-roo loved his costume and, though, Frank-o looks pleasant in this particular picture; he was less than thrilled, for the remainder of the Halloween season, about his costume.

To join in the fun (and I hope many of you will), select a picture from you reportoire that was taken in the Fall/Halloween season of 2008 and create a post about it, then link back to this MckLinky list so we can all enjoy. If the participation is worthwhile, let’s make it a weekly posting……

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