17 October 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Today, I took the boys to a nearby pumpkin patch sponsored by a local Episcopal church.  We are much later in choosing our display pumpkins than in years past because we have been inundated with rain for the past 15/16 days prior to this weekend.


However, this weekend the temperatures finally dipped down into the 50s-60s, the humidity dropped below 80%, we had to dig out the blue jeans and were able to finally wear our {long sleeve} Halloween t-shirts….a picturesque fall weekend is upon us. 


There was definitely a strategy displayed by each of the boys in choosing {their} pumpkins……


Buck-a-roo’s plan was to choose the largest, heaviest pumpkin that he, himself, could carry!  Frank-o’s idea was to choose as many of the smaller pumpkins that he could wrap his fingers around!

After a much more generous that initially intended donation to the church, here’s what we heaved and howed into our vehicle to bring home. 


We tried to return one rotten pumpkin that had landed in our wagon, but they would not take it back!!


Enjoy the first weekend of Fall for all of our fellow {deep} Southerners!  Have a great weekend everyone!!



Rudy Rukus said...

CUTE pictures! I work in a Thoracic ICU for adults. I don't work a ton but enough to stay current! Thanks for the follow

Shelly said...

cute pics! I can't believe they wouldn't return that rotten pumkin! That's ridiculous!!!