11 October 2009

strike a pose

In true gameday fashion my boys dressed in their New Orleans Saints gear today, though our team had a bye this week and did not play today. 

I thought they were all looking quite handsome today, so I asked them to “pose” for a picture all together……..

{this is the best I got, I LOVE it}


What followed that picture, I did not prompt in the least……

Buck-a-roo asked me to take his picture, swiftly hopped into place and began “striking a pose” as if he had been paid for photo shoots his entire four years of life!


As with everything in our lives, monkey-see monkey-do soon followed and I could hardly take the pictures with a steady hand because I chuckling so hard.

  IMG_3826 IMG_3827

And, in typical Frank-o style……he is quickly over that moment in time and on to something new.  Buck-a-roo seems to have not gotten the memo that the photoshoot had ended!


{I may be a bit biased, but I believe they are handsome fellows…..all three of them!}


mommaruth said...

They certainly are handsome! I love their little poses - too cute/funny!

The Wilson Window said...

they are the cutest saints fan ever! and sign h up for some modeling classes- too funny!!!

Lori said...

Adorable boys!!

Hen Jen said...

beautiful boys! love the pose, I always wonder how little kids come up with these things!

Cortney @ evanhaslanded.com said...

Love these pics! How CUTE are your boys!