09 October 2009

what was I thinking?

Last night….(right at bedtime, following bathtime, after the boys and I had been to dinner with some friends at a pizza/arcade joint) I get the great {storybook} idea that the boys should help me stuff their treat bags for the friends in their respective preschool classes for their upcoming Halloween party. 

So, I gathered the 7 items to be placed into the 40 treat bags and positioned them into 3 stations (one station for each of us……  that’s right, Daddy Buck missed out on this family fun……  I’m certain he was devastated)


It began as a valiant effort on everyone’s part and was good, wholesome, family fun {in theory} for about 15 minutes (or through about a 1/3 of the goal, ?remember?, 40 treat bags)


For a brief few moments, it turned into whoa hey hello yoohoo overhereboys notfinishedyet.


Somehow, we gathered our composure again to finish the task at hand.


40 Halloween treat bags

stuffed with: puzzles, pencils, straws, stickers, temporary tattoos, rings, and candy

2 Mommy hands, 4 kid hands working diligently nonchalantly

1 hour time, 1 hour past bedtime

memories to last a lifetime


And fell fast asleep with the leftover loot in hand…………

Lesson Learned???


I need {much} more practice at photographing in the dark with no flash!!!!!


{Kimber} said...

put it on P, with WB on cloudy, and ISO on 800 or 1600 if your camera goes that high :)
that should help

Ashleigh said...

Sleeping children pictures are great, blurry or not!