23 November 2009


Do take note that the Vaughn boys have discovered this year’s latest fall trend……..the jeans tucked into your boots look.

I’ll have you know that not everyone can pull off this look so successfully. 

                  {before}                                          {after}                         

trendy lightroom

The purpose of this post, however is twofold; in that, thanks to a wonderful friend of mine…..

I have acquired the wonderful photography editing software, Adobe Lightroom 2.0


The pictures above were my 1st attempt at using the software and letme tell ya……it’s not easy-peasy. 

I’m pleased {I believe because I know no different} with the end result….tell me what do you think??



Ashleigh said...

I'm a little more interested in this "aquisition" that you talked about. You are NOT using a bootleg copy are you! MRS VAUGHN :)

LeAndMatt said...

Good job! Call my techie anytime!

Practice makes perfect...you are off to a great start....

love ya

Hannah said...

Those are great pictures! I am trying to learn light room but I usually just use paint shop.