21 January 2010

for my guys…..

…..so they can see their Momma!

Alternately Titled: “This post contains only pictures for two (2) reasons: a.) internet minutes cost a small fortune out here, so I’m keeping it QUICK&EASY!" and b.) this boat’s a-rockin’ at the moment and I can’t put my thoughts into typed words!”



IMG_5242 IMG_5404



Goldylocks aka Erin said...

Wow...looks beautiful. You look beautiful and so much like your mom :-) And I see a bit of redness on that skin of yours. Jealous here!

Hope you are having a blast! Can't wait to hear all about it!

The Wilson Window said...

looks awesome and like you are having a blast :)
as i was looking at this post, jack came up and asked what i was looking at, i showed him the picture of you and he said "I miss Mrs. VaughnMom" in the sweetest sad voice ever :)

LeAndMatt said...

Love it! So super jealous you got to take a pic with MckMama...by the way you are on her last post - a shot of you taking a picture.

glad you are having fun!
luv ya

Kristi said...

Hi! I'm a new blog reader. I enjoyed all the updates on #mckmama. The cruise sounded SO fun! Great picture of you and Jennifer together.