14 January 2010

Wii play

It’s been about a year since Daddy Buck brought me a Wii as a gift.  Since that time he and I have played the Wii solely at night after the boys were asleep.  Twofold in reason…..a.)  he and I enjoyed that time together sharing our competitive spirits with one another and b.)  we believed the boys were two young to master the hand-eye coordination necessary and imagined that their efforts to play the Wii would frustrate them and us more than it was worth. 

After visiting their best friend one night last week……let’s just say, that’s all changed!!!!


They’ve {We’ve} been playing the Wii ever since, namely MarioKart (seen above) and bowling.  I tend to try to justify the “video game” time with ideas that……it’s honing their hand-eye coordination skills, it’s improving their word recognition, it’s allows for opportunity to share with each other, it’s introducing the concepts of winners&losers and semi-ridiculous thoughts of the like when really all it is, is “video game” time.  Wholesome, hilarious, FUN, family “video game” time which, in and of itself, is good!!

Wii play1 

There are moments of tongue-twirling serious concentration met head-on by super-sly tactics, like driving with your eyes closed. 

IMG_5115 IMG_5117

I suppose as long as these super cold for the Deep South temperatures remain outdoors, then we’ll stay indoors and bond over the Wii.  By bond, I mean, most of the time we remain good sports about it all; but there are still yet those times of “Nana nana na na I beat you!!” or “He’s cheating!” or “I never get to be Mario!” and “I quit!”.


The Wilson Window said...

LOVE it!!!

LeAndMatt said...

P is loving some SuperMario Cart in our house too...it is my reward for a good day - take away for bad. He also enjoys the 'sword' game on the Wii resort....Makes him think he is a Pirate - LOL!

Ashleigh said...

Too cute! We love to play too, but I don't know about the "word recognition" part ;)

Watching Luke drive is torture. He can't stay off the wall. We do love "swording" on sports resort & the 100 pin bowling.

I'm happy the boys are finally able to partake of the wii :)