28 February 2010

Back into the “swing” of things


It’s here!! IMG_5885

Our family’s favorite season of the year!!


It’s baseball season!


LSU Tigers Baseball! 


We took the boys to the first ballgame of the season last Sunday and subsequently their second of the season today!  Sundays are typically a family friendly day at the ballpark and they even allow the children to “run the bases” following the game. 

The boys waited patiently anxiously awaited the final out of the 9th inning and took their places in lines, sans Mommy (no adults allowed on the field), to run the bases. 



And they’re off!! 


Faces of total enthusiasm and excitement!  Elation even!!





“Why the disappointed, sad, angry faces boys?”

Frank-o:  “They only let me run once time!”

Buck-a-roo:  “They wouldn’t let me slide into home plate like the players do!”

These pictures were taken a week ago……last Sunday…..the first game of the season…..

Today…..our second game of the season……once again, on “run the bases” Sunday…..ask me if WE ran the bases AGAIN…..I THINK NOT!!


Ashleigh said...

Come on! At least that would have made 2x they got to run the bases! You're tough! :)

The Wilson Window said...

very cute!!!

My2Gs said...

Such beautiful pictures Lori! That's on our agenda this summer with the kids. We have a minor league team in Cbus who just moved into their new season and I have been dying to take the kiddos. Maybe we'll go on dime a dog night :-)

Goldylocks aka Erin said...

What fun!!! And great pictures!! You have a beautiful family.