06 February 2010

Saturday mornings of late

As you are reading this post, Frank-o and I are seated in the bleachers at their preschool watching this little man play basketball. 


He.  Loves.  It. 

These pictures were taken on the Saturday before I left for the cruise and, as luck would have it, our “coach” didn’t show for the game and Daddy Buck stepped up to the plate basket to fulfill the role!  And what a fine job he did!!  


Buck-a-roo tells me after the game as we were leaving the gym and after he had spent more time on his knees on the gym floor than on his feet running up the court that,  he had hurt his knees, in fact, his knees were indeed red and raw and that he “didn’t cry because he’s tough and he knows there’s NO CRYING IN SPORTS!”. 


And, exactly one month from today, this basketball star will turn 5 years old!! 

Oh.  My.  My. 


Cortney @ evanhaslanded.com said...

What great shots!! I can't wait for the days of Saturday morning bball games with the boys! Good for Buck-a-roo for sticking with it and being a big boy!!

Ashleigh said...

Try not to cry! I am SO not looking forward to kindergarten!