07 June 2010

7:41 pm

::after ruptured membranes at 17 weeks and 20 weeks of bedrest that followed, he beat a 3% chance of survival::


::and here he is today, 4 years later::



you are…… always beaming with happiness, forever shadowing your older brother, still whiny from time-to-time, continue to twirl my hair, a lover of stuffed animals, a baseball/tball fan, a small guy with lots of spunk!


For the record…….. you recently weighed 34 pounds.  you just finished your first season of tball and  loved it.  you eat many more things than your brother.  you love singing and always ask for music in the car.  you like the GIRLS.  you still swim with floaties, but possess no fear of the water.  you love the outdoors.  you will soon start PreK4.  you are thrilled at the idea of our new home being built. 

Happy Birthday!!!


Cortney @ evanhaslanded.com said...

Happy Happy Birthday! What a miracle and a gorgeous one at that!!

Ashleigh said...

Happy Birthday to the little man and praises for beating the odds.

By the way - I have found your husbands movie star twin:


The Wilson Window said...

yay! great pics :)

Goldylocks aka Erin said...

A miracle for sure! Happy day little guy!!!