25 June 2010

For a bit longer……

Today the boys finish their two-week swimming lesson session.

And, let’s just say that they have progressed far beyond what I would’ve imagined. 

The progression and dialect goes something like this……..


“Watch me go down the slide with no floaties {without you catching me}!”



“Look at me swim and take breaths like she taught me to {without stopping to hold on to you}!”



“I can swim with my head underwater {without your help}!”



“I can jump off the diving board and swim to the ladder by myself {I don’t need you to catch me anymore}!”



“Do you see me doing it all by myself {without you or Daddy}?!”


{{Why yes I do see you Mr. Goggle Eyes}}


“Are you proud of me {for swimming without you}?!”



“I can swim deep in the deep end!!”



Excuse me for a second while I go chew on the fact that they do not need me anymore!


WAIT!!  What’s this?  Is he nervous/frightened/scared? 


Allow me to set down this camera while I go catch my baby as he jumps off the diving board!!! 

YEAH!!  For a bit longer, he does need me!!


::I am, however, the teeniest bit thrilled that they are not hanging/climbing/tugging on me (and my swimsuit) every waking minute that we are in the water::

1 comment:

Pam said...

Good Lord, I know just what you mean and I don't miss that at all either! So happy for you to have reached this stage after many long Summers of swimsuit yanking. Enjoy! ;-)