18 June 2010

swimming lessons

This year’s swimming lessons couldn’t be going better!!  This year, (as opposed to last year) I opted for private lessons at our club swimming pool and it has made all the difference in the world.   IMG_7298-2

Today we will complete the first week of our two week session and let’s just say that:

A)  Hannah rocks!!!!!!!!


B)  Buck-a-roo has mastered underwater swimming, the diving board, the breast stroke, and is now working on the {I cannot believe this} backstroke!  His favorite trick is to sneak up on you underwater and “get you” pretending to be a snake, bug, monster, etc….

swimming lessons 2010 

C)  Frank-o no longer OWNS floaties!  He swims underwater with ease.  He slides down the slide or jumps off the diving board and swims to the ladder with no assistance.  He is now focused on diving from the side of the pool!

swimming lessons 20101

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Pam said...

They're just growing up so fast!