24 July 2010


Last night….. two of my girlfriends (one of which blogs here) visited Corks-n-Canvas, a local business with a fabulous premise. 

Corks :: wine

Canvas ::  painting

wine + painting = great Friday night entertainment for three girlfriends

Back Camera

Fifteen minutes of munching….. havarty and brie cheeses, grapes and strawberries, blue cheese&scallion dip with soda wafers……

Let’s Get This Party Started!

Back Camera 

The {scheduled} painting of the night:  House of the Rising Sun II

(click the link above if you feel compelled to know what the picture was supposed to look like)

Back Camera

This is essentially my completed painting (I tweaked it a bit more later)! 

  {cheers}  {claps}  {bravos}

Back Camera 

(cute blond with sunglasses atop her head in the background of all these pictures…..yea, don’t know her, but she and her friend that were across the table from us; they sure were nice!  Ok, let’s continue…..)


And here’s the artwork of my cohorts!!

(Isn’t interpretation a beautiful thing?!….at least that’s what my dear friend kept reminding me)

Back Camera

-Pay little attention to the {three} bottles of wine in the above picture-

Back Camera

3 ladies, 3 bottles….that’s how it works, right?!


**MUST quit using iPhone for blog pictures…..quality is not as great as I initially thought, even with editing**



Pam said...

Paint parties really are fun! You've done them before, haven't you?

If you had just told me what the theme was when you sent me the first pic; I would have totally "seen" it. And I do like the artistic addition of the stars!

So, already got a spot picked out at the new house for that bad boy?

Courtney and the Boys said...

What a fun place to spend time with your girlfriends!!! :)