13 August 2010

Hot Air Balloon Championships

We’ve had a busy week with the beginning of Kindergarten for Buck-a-roo and the start of the soccer for Frank-o.  Next week, these roles will reverse to provide another busy week with Frank-o starting PreK4 and Buck-a-roo’s soccer practices will begin. 


Needless to say, the blog is enduring a bit of neglect; but, I didn’t want this particular post to get away from me. 

Last weekend, we attended the Louisiana Hot Air Balloon Championships held in our hometown.  It was our second time to attend the competition……you can read the recount of our first time here.


It is a rainbow of colors in mass proportions, a spectacle like none other really!  The 40+ brightly colored balloons ascend into the sky and return just before dusk to assemble in the field for the balloon glow just after dark.


The balloons can be seen throughout town for the weekend from Friday to Sunday and it is always exciting to be driving down the road and spot them out your window just as Buck-a-roo and I did on our day together in preparation for his starting Kindergarten

The championships are always held the first weekend in August and anyone who knows anything about the weather of south Louisiana know that their are only two words that you could use to describe it and they both begin with the letter H……


Hot and Humid! 

And it was both of these to the Nth degree on this night. 

Nonetheless, we had fun!  We took in the sights, oohed and aahed at the colors, the glows, the flames, the fireworks, the parachuters, the inflation, the deflation, the friends, the fellowship! 


All well worth the beauty…..

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Bo said...

Awesome pictures...I've always wanted to go to a balloon glow!