28 August 2010

not to be left out

In all the hustle and bustle of the past two weeks; nearing the final completion of our home build, two weeks of Kindergarten for Buck-a-roo under out belt, two boys with soccer practice and soccer games on two separate teams; it seems that I failed to mention something.


Frank-o started PreK4!

And he’s doing really well.

He’s still the class clown, though he’s managed not to get in trouble once thus far and comes home everyday with his arms covered in stickers and stamps for good behavior declaring that he only suffered “little” timeouts throughout the day.


He adores his brother. He insists on dressing “handsome” everyday, hence the button down long sleeve shirt, sleeves rolled up because it’s 100* heat index in these parts still. He takes soccer seriously. He’s bad to the bone at home. He’s still the baby.


He’s smiles from ear to ear always and makes it a point that he’s not to be left out…..EVER!

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Goldylocks aka Erin said...

What a stylin' little dude!!! Seriously girl...you have the handsomest family :-)