31 October 2010

peeks from my photoshoot


Buck-a-roo has a sweet {girl}friend, ‘AE’, that he’s attended preschool with since he and she were two years old


Audrey’s mother asked me several weeks back if I’d photograph their family!

…..certainly I will!!

She chose to take pictures at the LSU Rural Life Museum.  I had never been to this location and it turned out to be a fantastic!  Not to mention, the superb fall weather that’s upon us these past few days. 


Thanks ‘E’ Family for the opportunity to photograph your family and spend a Saturday running wild through the grounds of the LSU Rural Life Museum and feeding the ducks at the Bass Pro Shop!

  IMG_7999-3  IMG_8076-3


Buck-a-roo had his hand at the camera once or twice……nice sun flare son!!


I was also on a mission myself…..taking pictures of my boys as well in hopes of capturing a nice candid shot for this year’s Christmas cards! 


This is not the one; however, I do believed I captured it!

note:  we did pay to regular adult admission fees to visit the LSU Rural Life Museum


I do realize that it is Halloween night and I am blogging about anything and everything but Halloween, to include Christmas. 

You see, I am not crazy……we did not carve pumpkins this year as I just, today, discovered that one of our “carving” pumpkins (we need two of everything to get anything accomplished in this here family) rotted {is that a word?}.  I stumbled upon this mishap just as I was about to setup the table and call the boys to carve.

Not. Good.

And, we have yet to trick-or-treat due to this ordinance in our parish.  We will do so tomorrow night ~ a day late and a dollar short, but apparently it’s the law!

For tonight {Halloween 2010}, please re-enjoy my last year’s Halloween post and I will return with a post in the near future bearing pictures of the Vaughn Ninja Brothers!

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Erin said...

Wow! Great photos!!! I hope you plan on sharing more!