13 December 2010

Santa’s lap

It’s the anticipated event of the season for mothers of young children.  We dress our babes in cute, coordinating, Christmas clothing and venture out to the mall on a Saturday {no less} to wait in a ridiculously long line in a crowded area with unruly children of our own and others with the picture perfect idea in tow ……we’ll prop our children up in Santa’s (read: an overgrown, old, odd man) lap and have them speak their wishes of the season and smile BIG for the camera without shedding a tear or uttering a sense of shyness or fear about them. 

Have mercy!  Who’s idea was this anyway?! 

Moving on……

Let’s just say that the last decent {emphasis on decent} picture that I obtained for this occasion was in 2005.  It was my first go at it and Buck-a-roo, my firstborn, was 9 months old!  Since then…….DOWNHILL!!

:my efforts in 2009 landed me in the picture:

That is….up until this year!  And boy did I score big this year…..in more ways that just this lovely picture!

Back Camera

They liked it.  They enjoyed themselves.  They recollect the adventure in conversation with others.  They’re proud of themselves.  They had FUN!  They’d do it again tomorrow. 

They’re growing up………….

Frank-o:  “I’m just gonna stand Momma, mmkay?!”

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Erin said...

What a GREAT photo!!! This year was the year I had to be in the Santa picture LOL.