04 March 2011

Laissez les bon temps rouler

French for “let the good times roll”……which is exactly what we did last Saturday in celebration of Buck-a-roo’s 6th birthday. 
His actual birthday isn’t until March 6, but we took advantage of Mardi Gras falling so late this year to throw him a Mardi Gras themed birthday party to coincide with our local parade. 
We started a local Mexican restaurant (great for children & adults {wink!}) and each child got to decorate their own “bead bag” for the parade.
Harley's 6th birthday party 026-2
We ate finger foods and had cake, two kinds!
Traditional (except for #6 shape) King Cake…..
Harley's 6th birthday party 031-2
And cookie cake, per the birthday boys’ request!
{6 letters in his name…..he’s turning 6…..perfect!  Do ignore the fact that his mother snapped the ‘L’ in half as she was placing it on the cake}
Harley's 6th birthday party 032-2
  6 candles or 5, some lit and some not because of wind…..it still worked and Buck-a-roo was elated!! 
Harley's 6th birthday party 030-2  
~Throw Me Somthin’ Mister~
Harley's 6th birthday party 052-2
Gorgeous springlike weather, 23 children in good spirits at a public function, birthday party without any hitches,
Harley's 6th birthday party 035-2 

and a thrilled Buck-a-roo when it was all said and done!
Because I enjoy looking back and maybe you do too…… past posts on Mardi Gras (2009) and (2010) and Buck-a-roo’s birthday party last year!

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