08 March 2011

{Spring} family pictures


Our friends, Matt and LeAnna, came in town last weekend to visit family and take our family pictures; a photo session that we had rescheduled from late January when we were rained out. 

Though we had two previous weeks of 70-80degree {spring}like weather, this was not the case on Sunday morning for our scheduled time during our busy Mardi Gras weekend. 

The day before it had stormed and pushed through a cool front.  We took outdoor pictures on the river levee in downtown Baton Rouge where it was a crisp 40degrees with 15-20mph North winds.  The short-sleeve {spring} outfits that I had coordinated……well, let’s just say we were shivering and putting on our coats and sweaters in between shots/poses!!

Considering the weather conditions, I’m pleased with the outcome and can’t thank Matt and LeAnna enough for taking the time out to reschedule and revisit to make it happen for us!!






 _MG_1405  _MG_1448_MG_1469-2 _MG_1474 _MG_1485

Our last family pictures were a year and a half ago here…..


LeAndMatt said...

We are so glad that we were able to reschedule and get some great shots despite the CRISP Spring weather! Y'all were such good sports...even Daddy Buck!

Jenni said...

love these photos!!! beautiful family!