14 March 2011

Star Student

This week at school, Buck-a-roo has been named Star Student of the Week!

Now before I show you his star student autobiography assignment, let me tell you a funny story about how I came to know that he'd be Star Student this week.....

His principal (who happens to also be our friend outside of school) informed me at his birthday party, two weeks ago, that he'd be the Star Student this week.
I was pumped!
I say....."to what does he owe this honor?",
"what accomplishment did he achieve to bestow the Star Student 'award'?".

I'm thinking.....I know he's a star {grin}; now they've recognized it too!!!

Her answer.....alphabetical order!!! That's right! Everyone's a STAR! Albeit, this week they've made it to the 'V's, so it's Buck-a-roo's turn!!

{still proud}


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1 comment:

Molly said...

I love his answers! So cute and he's all boy!