13 August 2011

no longer PRE

He’s the second child; I suppose it’s only natural to feel like you always follow in the footsteps…….


“how much longer will I have to be 3 years old?”

“when will I ever be 4 years old?”

“I’m tired of PRE K3!”

“When will PRE K4 be over?”



Last Thursday was the day that all of Frank-o’s questions could cease and he marched on to Kindergarten!

Even though he’s the second and will always be behind his brother; he loves him!!  Lots!!


Backpacks on backs, lunchboxes in tow, together they’ll now go……


So he hopped on the schoolbus, in the front row where the Kindergarteners are assigned to sit.  And Dad and I raced in our cars to the school to await his arrival. 


To his classroom we went.  He’s familiar with the surroundings as he has the same Kindergarten teacher that Buck-a-roo had (following….footsteps….once again….such is life). 

Smiles, cheeses, high fives, cheers and big tight hugs!


And just like that……we said our goodbyes and he began his schoolwork that awaited on his desk as if he already knew what he was supposed to get accomplished for the day.


He can’t even reach the light in the bathroom to turn it on for himself, yet he goes off to Kindergarten. 

Yes, tears welled as I walked to my car that morning…….

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