13 September 2011

a family that runs together


As many of you know, Daddy Buck and I are training to run the Louisiana Half Marathon in January.  We are weeks into our 12-week training program and have 18 weeks until race day. 

As we run, day in and day out, the boys have become very interested, inquisitive, and intrigued by the idea. 


They stretch with us pre-run, they await our arrival, post-run, in the driveway, they question us as to whether we’ll run short or long each day and so I thought why not foster their interests into something more. 

Enter the idea of the Kidz Marathon!  They are both now officially registered and it will be a “race weekend” {our races are on separate days} for our entire family! 


They will train for the upcoming weeks running 0.5 mile runs to log a total of 25.5 miles prior to race day.  On race day, their “marathon”, if you will, will commence with them running their final 0.7 mile leg. 

They are pumped! 

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