30 July 2008

Thanks and please pray...

Thanks to LeAnna and Amy for signing the guestbook. This whole "blogging" thing is becoming very addicting for me.

Harley got into his first "spat" at school today. He and another child (actually one of his better friends) were arguing over a ball in the gym and the other child scratched him across his face. From the looks of it, the other child won ;~( I am sure it is the first of many!

On a much more grim note, yesterday was the single worst day in my pediatric critical care nursing experiences. Without many details, I am sure most of you locals and maybe some out-of-towners heard of the fatal accident on I-12 yesterday. I, first-handedly, had to witness, experience, aide, nurse a now-orphaned critically injured four year old child and it was TOUGH!! Please keep her in your prayers as she overcomes the injuries that she sustained and begins life as she will now come to know it without parents or one of her two sisters. I, as a critical care nurse, have an up close and personal hand in saving lives daily and it is awesome...though some days are really tough.

Enjoy your families, have fun with your friends, pray daily and hug the babies!!!

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