31 July 2008

Aside from my own, of course, below is a link to my favorite blog to read. This family is complete strangers to me, however, her (the mother's) blog is so entertaining--she is a captivating author and humorous mother of three young children and one on the way. Currently she is pregnant with an extremely complicated and severely critical pregnancy and is requesting a prayer movement and ultimately a miracle for her unborn baby boy. Clicking the link below will take you to their blog where, if you would like,you can learn of their situation and join a prayer vigil for an unborn baby. We can relate to the fear of losing your unborn child and the fear of losing a child born too early. Jack and I were blessed with two miracle sons and will pray for the same for this family!! Allow yourself some time...it is quite lengthy to get fully up-do-date of their situation.

The Vaughn Family

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