27 July 2008

Wasn't so bad...

So, Cody woke up from nap time and didn't mention the "N" word once!! Slight mention of it, finally, at bedtime; then, he drifted off to sleep like an angel and slept ALL night. Not once, did he wake, to "chase" the nu-nu around the bed. Jack and I feel so FREE!! No more attachments to inanimate objects. Except, of course, for Cody's many, many stuffed animals!!

As for the potty-training, He wet only ONE pull-up during the day yesterday and that was during our outdoor play in the morning. He woke up dry after nap time (might I mention, that Harley soaked my bed and all my linens during nap time) and asked to "potty" three times while we were at the swimming pool yesterday. I was very proud of Cody (and myself) for making such huge strides yesterday!!

We spent the bulk of the afternoon at the swimming pool (had to be out of the house and lots of entertainment to avoid the nu-nu hysterics). Harley is doing terrific with his attempts at swimming. He pushes off the wall, underwater, and kicks while holding his breath across the entire baby pool and half-way across the big pool. They both jump in the big pool without assistance and go completely underwater.

All in all, the day (after the initial two and half hours of mania without the nu-nu) wasn't so bad. Here's a couple pics of the two of them being "macho" at the pool. They are somewhat grainy because they were taken with from my cell phone.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Thanks for checking in with us...

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