03 August 2008

Action-Packed Sunday

Today, we had a fun-filled Sunday of mostly indoor activities because it is unbearably hot outside until the pool opened after lunchtime...then we hit the water for the only fun-in-the-sun that is tolerable at this point (and is questionably tolerable in the "hot tub" that they call a baby pool)!!

First stop...LSU campus!! On a mission for a good location to tell my photographer where I would like our upcoming family portraits taken. Mission not accomplished and as Jack put it, "She is the photographer, that is her job, let her suggest the location and I'm sure it will be acceptable." OKAY then!!! Then around the corner to visit, "Mika, Tidah" (as Cody says) a.k.a. Mike, the Tiger!! Mike agrees--it's too hot for anything but sleep!!

And, my favorite.....

Second stop...Lunch (Mexican)!! We were somewhat early for lunch, so we found a nearby park to let the boys play on to kill about 15 minutes (have I mentioned yet that it is HOT!!). Harley and Cody LOVE mexican, fajitas. Harley eats all the steak and Cody eats the chicken and rice; it's the meal they eat best!

Third stop...the Mall!! This was Jack's suggestion, I swear!! We let the boys ride "Mika, Tidah" on the Carousel and play in the mall playground. This is my idea of playground when it's 101 degrees outside.

And, my favorite....

Last stop...the Pool!! Boy, I'm tired and it's only 2:30pm. We hit the water and might I say that the boys are doing so well "swimming". The fear of going under, getting water in your eyes, or swallowing water is GONE, for now; I inagine there will be complete regression from this summer to next.

Harley snapped this pic.....

FINAL STOP...BED!! The boys put on their bedtime attire--"big boy" boxers and their new LSU caps (in preparation for the new season) that they got at the mall. Have I mentioned I'm tired?? Good night and sleep tight" zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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