24 August 2008

Fay, Fay go away...it's Sunday and we want to go outside and play!!

Cody has been singing, "Rain, Rain Go Away"!! all day today and boy has it been coming down. Steady downpours since mid-night with no signs of stopping anytime soon!!

We went to Mass this morning, took Jack's mother to lunch for her birthday along with his sister's family, visited Bass Pro Shop (Cody says, "Look Mommy, an 'allergader' constantly) and now we would like to do our typical Sunday afternoon outside playing and grilling with the neighbors. Instead, the boys are taking a much-needed late afternoon nap and we will settle for grilling in the garage later this evening.

Wait...as I type, it seems the rain has momentarily stopped and the sun is trying to peak through the clouds. We'll see...

Have a great week!!

BTW~check it out at the bottom of the page...I hit 1000+ unique ISP hits on my blog!! WOOHOO!! That's either really exciting, assuming it's family and friends or really creepy, if it is freaks from afar perusing the internet???


Trish said...

Don't get too excited, at least 800 of your hits were me trying to figure out how to do my page. Hahahaha.

Vaughn Family Blog said...

1000+ unique ISPs--meaning, it only counts your computer ONCE!!!