25 August 2008

Mr. Big Stuff...Who do you think you are???

YES, that is my coffee table that Cody has perched himself on to watch TV...seriously, you have GOT to be kidding me??

Me: "Cody, what are you doing?"
Cody: "Watchin' TV...Dora on"
Me: "Why are you sitting on the coffee table?"
Cody: "Cuz, I see"
RIGHT!!! Crazy me...

Me: "Cody, you need to get down off the table and you are sitting too close to the TV"

Why get down when you can simply "scootch" back a little and still be on the table...best seat in the house!!

Macho, even when he sleeps...I swear he's not faking it, he is sound asleep with his leg crossed over his knee!!

1 comment:

Trish said...

WooHoo you are in for it with that one! Named appropriately seems too.