29 August 2008

Harley's Motor-Scooter / Cody's new "frim"

The motor-scooter is the result of Harley's engineering. He calls it "tricky"; I call it dangerous ingenius.

YES, that is Cody's finger and YES, that is a super-crazy, two-bodied, two-headed bug that Cody was calling his "frim" (a.k.a. friend) up-until the moment that I accidentally stepped on it squished it with my shoe. And, NO, I am not that close to it--that is the use of some super-duper mega zoom (you think I would be that close to that thing??)!! What the HE** is it??

1 comment:

Trish said...

Lori said to tell you that it was two bugs mating. She said that they were two stink bugs and the bigger one is a female.