26 August 2008

Like Father, Like Son...

(this morning as Jack is getting dressed for work...)

Harley: "Daddy, when I grow up and my hair gets white and gray like yours, I'm gonna shave my head just like you do, OK?"

Gotta love the brutal honesty of a 3 year old!!


Let the Hurricane Gustav preparations begin...

I was notified today at work that I have been assigned to the hurricane recovery team, which is the team of medical pediatric first responders assigned to the 24-48 hour post hurricane landfall hospital response. GREAT!! They also make it a point to threaten you remind you that your job and ultimately your license is on the line should you not respond when called upon. SIGH!! GREAT!! Apparently the hospital has been notified by "the notifiers" (not sure which governing body of people this might be) of a possible "direct hit" on New Orleans of hurricane 3+ early next week.

Jack spent the afternoon re-fueling the generator that we purchased in the days following Hurricane Katrina and guaranteed that it would start. I will stock up on non-perishable supplies this weekend just in case. I suppose you can never be TOO prepared.

What will I do if we have no electricity and I can't blog!?!


LeAndMatt said...

Oh Lori - that stinks that you have to be away from your family (does that mean you get to stay with them while it passes through and then you have to go to OLOL are do you have to be there the whole time?)

We were heading down to Cocodrie this weekend, but my mom called and canceled due to the possibility that we may get down but not back! I went to wally world up here and stocked up tonight before mass chaos hits Jackson!

Ya'll will be in my thoughts and prayers!

love ya
The Torres Family

Amy said...

Okay, so here's the deal: If that hurricane hits, all of Chris's family is coming here to stay. Unfortunately, we'll be unable to enjoy family time because we'll be at your house with you and your generator. Hee,hee.

Vaughn Family Blog said...

You all are welcome to come bask in the AC; it could possibly be crowded because apparently if you have a generator, much like LSU season football tickets, your friends come out of the woodworks, if you know what I mean. Feel free to drop by...