18 August 2008

Out of the mouths of our 2 & 3 y/o's

this is the conversation that Harley and I had in the truck not too long ago:

Harley: {whining} "Mom, I have somephin on my tooth"
Me: "What is it?"
Harley: "Somephin"
Me: "Ok, like what?" {dumbfounded}
Harley: "A booger!!!"
Me: {laughing} "How did that get there?"
Harley: "I ate it and it got stuck on my tooth...get it off Mommy {screaming}!!!"
Me: {laughing hysterically....as I look into his mouth to see if I can see it} "Your daddy will help you brush your teeth when we get home" (whhewww! got out of that one)

this is a typical conversation that ensues with Cody at bedtime after at least three rounds of hugs and kisses and the lights go out:

Cody: " 'nother kiss Mommy"
Me: "No Cody, we will have another kiss in the morning"
Cody: " 'nother hug big, tight Mommy"
Me: "No Cody, we will have another hug in the morning"
Cody: {sitting up now} " 'more juice (which really means soymilk) Mommy"
Me: "No Cody, we will have more milk in the morning"
Cody: {as he gathers up 5 or 6 of his animals} "These for Daddy"
Me: "Daddy is at work(/showering/doing chores)" {we take turns laying with them at night}
Cody: "Need Daddy"

do you get the idea??....this could go on for at least 10-15 minutes. i have to keep from laughing myself while it is happening!!

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