22 September 2008

(As coined by Daddy Buck) And the survey says.....

{ugh! this is a mouthful and earful}
.....Penicillin-resistant exudative pharyngitis (a.k.a. a whole h*** of a lot of inflammation and puss on my tonsils), conjunctivitis (pink eye), two ear infections and multiple infected lymph nodes. {whew!}

He changed my antibiotic, so hopefully I will be on a swift road to recovery.

After stopping by the dreaded pharmacy, I went to get the boys. When I get Buck-a-roo he comes to me slowly with a flushed face and head hung low....{wondering what is wrong} he says, "I was taking my nap and they woke me up and I want to nap more" and "my mouth hurts" and "I think I'm sick". He seemed to be better once we got home, but I gave him Motrin and Benadryl just for good measure :) The jury's still out on what's up with him?????

Going to rest take my new meds and perch myself on the couch....

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