22 September 2008

Not Me Monday

My favorite blog that I follow daily, sometimes more, is My Charming Kids. MCKMama is a captivating author, dedicated mother of 3, soon-to-be 4, small children, and an avid, humorous blogger. She is hosting a new weekly blog carnival that I have decided to participate in. I gave you all a sneek peek without explanation last week.

Not Me Monday....is an avenue to "fess up" on weekly instances/happenings/occurrences that happened, either intentionally or not, that could possibly have unfolded in a better way (or maybe not). It is fun, uplifting, un-guilting, and down-right freeing to be, as MCKMama puts it, brutally honest with yourself and living to tell others about it.
This past weekend....
I DID NOT intentionally pack my camera (unintentionally MINUS a memory card) for our weekend visit to Alexandria because I was on the brink of becoming sick and wasn't at the top of my game while I was packing. It is hard to take pictures with a digital camera WITHOUT a memory card in it:) Nope, not me!!
I DID NOT, then, have to take all the pictures from our terrific weekend with my cell phone....42 in all!!
I DID NOT grant my adorable, irresistable Frank-o a tee-nitzy kiss on the lips last night because he was begging (and a kiss on the cheek wouldn't suffice) even though I have been REALLY sick all weekend with strep throat and fever. Never happened!!
Finally, I DID NOT tell my 3 y/o Buck-a-roo that you had to be at LEAST 8 years old to enter Tiger Stadium (LSU football game) in an effort to get him off my back every Saturday.

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Dana said...

Found you through MckMamma - I enjoyed the last "did not" - sounds familiar! And even though we lost - it was a great game - so War Eagle!!