08 September 2008

back to the routine tomorrow...

Update: While we were at the pediatrician today, of course, they weighed Harley. He weighed in at 35 pounds. And, of course, Cody decided he needed to be weighed too. He weighed in at 28 1/2 pounds. Cody may very well catch Harley in weight, but NEVER height. Sweet Cody is the shortest kid in his toddler class, though he carries the tallest attitude. Harley is one of the tallest in his preschool class; he is a skeleton of bones, though, because he is the ultimate "picky-eater" and sometimes flat-out refuses to eat.

It has been a long past 7 days with the boys cooped inside without the amenities of modern living and I, for one, and glad that I received two phone calls today notifying me that their preschool/daycare will be OPEN for operation tomorrow!! YEAH!! (did I say that out loud?)

Harley has been running fever since Saturday, so we set out for the pediatrician's office this morning. The verdict--upper respiratory infection and sinusitis. He was given antibiotics and should be fine for school tomorrow. YEAH!! (did I say that out loud, again?)

Though, Harley has been sick, it has not dampened his activity at all. After the pediatrician's office we went to the mall to kill some time before meeting Jack for lunch. We hit the Clinique counter for some new eyeshadow for mom's post-hurricane treat to self, then we played at the indoor play area for about an hour before Jack called.

In thought, lunch seemed like a good idea....in reality, not SO GOOD. The boys were inpatient, tired, and fussy to put it mildly. It was a swift 35 minute lunch and we were headed home for naps after dropping Harley's prescription off at the pharmacy.

Harley just surfaced from his room and has moved to the couch; not sure if he wants to wake from his nap or not. For dinner is (leftover) chili frito pies with a teaspoon of sleep aid Benadryl for ALL members of the family and we are back to our normal routine tomorrow. YEAH!! (yes, I said that out loud!)

We don't wish ill-will on anyone, but I sure wish Hurricane Ike would head west...at least past Cameron Parish, LA so as to miss my dad's fishing camp.

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Amy said...

I've never been happy to get phone calls from daycare...until TODAY! I'm SO freakin' happy they will be open. My kids had to come to work with me today. Not good.