22 September 2008

Our last weekend of summer

Daddy Buck had to work on Saturday and had to de-hurricane (if you have been through it this month, you will understand what I mean) at our house and his mother's house on Sunday, so the boys and I decided to visit my parents for the weekend. The boys had a terrific time; I enjoyed being with my family, though I was sick as a dog the entire weekend (more on that later).

We were able to visit with my parents, all of my grandparents, survey storm damage, and take in the fun of two local parks, though the mosquitos there are life-size and abundant and make it somewhat difficult and risky to stay outside for too long. Never leave home without mosquito repellant on!!

Before we start viewing pictures, let me disclose that all of these pictures were taken from my cell phone because, YES, I brought a camera with me with NO memory card in it!! Good job me!! In my defense I was beginning to feel sick on Friday when I was packing.

The first park we (Maw-Maw Margie, Maw-Maw, Buck-a-roo, Frank-o, and myself) went to was a park in Pineville near my grandparents' house that I played at many, many, many times when I was a little girl. It was a very neat opportunity to have Buck-a-roo and Frank-o there playing now!!

Most of our time spent indoors avoiding mosquitos, was spent with the boys (all 3 of them) hitting, biting, scratching, pinching, tickling wrestling. This is their new favorite pasttime; that, this weekend, most often resulted in a Papa Cody "sandwich". Most of my time is spent saying hollering "STOP, STOP, someone's gonna get hurt!"
Hey Dad, after seeing the picture of you and Buck-a-roo "chilling out", I take back the ....playing favorites.... comment!!

Our final play venture was an effort to tire them out before we got in the car to drive home. By this time I am feeling really BAD and want them to sleep the entire drive. My mom and I took them to a playground at an elementary school a block from my parents' house. Take note that the "zip line" is their favorite playground attraction as noted by pictures from both places!!

Mission accomplished....they were worn-out, sleeping angels for the drive home. When we got home, after watching the portable DVD player on the road, it's all they wanted!! It's like their own, personal, toddler-sized TV.
As for me, though I did begin taking antibiotics on Saturday....I am NOT getting better. I am going to the doctor this afternoon at 3:45; now, I believe, I am battling strep throat, pink eye, fever, ear infections, infected lymph nodes..... I will be begging for SHOTS to boost this process into overdrive!!
Thanks for the great weekend Dad and Mom. I hope we weren't more trouble than we're worth!!

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