12 October 2008

October...2nd Weekend...Part II

I mentioned yesterday that we still had slated for the second half of our weekend a party for the LSU-FL football game and a birthday party for Frank-o's preschool friend. Don't be so silly as to think it all went down they way it was planned.....
I am most certain you have all heard/seen by now that LSU got mutilated by Florida last night (51-21) in their first loss of the season. Daddy Buck and I were watching the game at Daddy Buck's sister's athletic/tennis club. The club was hosting a Halloween/LSU party and unbeknowest to us...it was a costume party!! Thank goodness the costumes, band, company, and food was all terrific since the game was a drastic disappointment!! Allow me to give you a preview of some of the PG-13 rated costumes:

The Hippies

The Pirates

The "Acme" Brick & The Brick Layer

The Tennis Player "Refrigerator Magnet"
{note the black box "magnet" on her back}

John and Lorena Bobbett

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
{click on the picture to see their necklaces that read 'In Obama We Trust'}
John McCain and Sarah Palin
{my personal favorite}
We spent the morning recovering from our late night out. Daddy Buck and the boys washed my car and bathed the dogs. This is a post all in itself to come later in the week!!
Read my "Not Me!" Monday post to see why Frank-o did not attend the birthday party as originally planned...
I should have added this to my "Not Me!" Monday post....
My kids WERE NOT incredibly, horrifically, tremendously fussy, irritable, whiny, temper-tanrum throwing children for the entire day today!!
I have heartburn for, I swear, the first time since being pregnant over 2 years ago. Don't get any ideas....that would be defying all medical odds!!
We had a great weekend. The evenings are getting noticably shorter which means more indoor play for us. That is not so swell in a family of four that loves the outdoors!! I am opting for earlier bedtimes :) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

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