11 November 2008


.....is a special day in our family! It's Daddy Buck's special day!!
That is because it is his birthday and it is Veteran's Day!!!
In honor of Veteran's Day, Daddy Buck was the guest speaker at a presentation at Faith Academy Elementary School in Gonzales (his mother is a 2nd grade teacher there). He spoke to a group of children, Pre-K4 to 2nd grade, about Veteran's Day, what it means to be a veteran, and what it means to be in the military.

The children were great...they prepared excellent questions for Daddy Buck like, "What did you eat in the Army?", "What kind of gun did you have in the Army?", "Where did you sleep and what did your base look like?". They sang God Bless America and waved their American flags high!!
Towards the end of the program, several students paraded to the stage to display their class posters/banners that they had made to show their gratitude to Daddy Buck and all the veterans thanking them for their service. The program was terrific and quite an honor for Daddy Buck, myself, and his mother!!

Daddy Buck and I spent the remainder of his special day by visiting his two favorite stores (Cabela's and Bass Pro Shop), had an excellent lunch date, took a mid-afternoon nap, picked the boys up from school, played outdoors with the boys, had dinner as a family, put the boys to bed early, and played the Wii together.
Happy Birthday and Happy Veteran's Day Daddy Buck from Princess, Buck-a-roo, and Frank-o. We are super-d-duper proud of you for being a phenomenal husband and father and for serving our country to protect the freedoms that we enjoy everyday!!
Thank you!!


Trish said...

Happy Birthday Daddy Buck! We all know what that midafternoon nap means when the kids are at school ;)

Trish said...

I also meant to say look at Daddy Buck "big pimpin" in that suit!