10 November 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

I have been meaning to share this thought/picture with you all for several days now....I WAS NOT at all nervous when I got the idea to let Buck-a-roo and Frank-o have a hay-day last Saturday morning with paint, paintbrushes, and water. And, to be quite honest with you....they did an excellent job with minimal mess..

Now on to this past week...

On Monday, I DID NOT stop by, just to browse, at my favorite antique store/gift shop and found a table/chairs that I fell in love with. I then DID NOT call Daddy Buck and proceed to convince him that this table was just our style, priced to sell, and a must-have in our home. Yes, I got the 1800's farmhouse antique table and 5 chairs!!!! My husband is the best!!! This picture is before I cleaned all the furniture with Murphy's Oil Soap and rubbed it all with Tung Oil and polished with Pledge.

I DID NOT witness quite possibly the most hilarious quarrel at the polls on Tuesday morning by an eager constituent at my polling station. For some reason beyond my beliefs, this lady (unknown to me) believed she should be able to SKIP to the front of the line!! It was humorous...to say the least!! Wonder who she voted for???

After taking both of the boys to the ENT on Tuesday, I DID NOT passionately argue with the daycare that Frank-o was most certainly not contagious and that I had a note from the ENT saying that he could return to school on Wednesday and that there was no reason that he shouldn't return to school on Wednesday, only to find out that Frank-o was much more sick than I had initially thought. He ran fever and wheezed all night Tuesday and was far too sick to attend school on Wednesday.

On Wednesday while Frank-o and I were home together, I DID NOT almost fall out of my chair and onto the floor while filming this video clip. I asked Frank-o to count for me, believing that he could count to 5. Boy, was I wrong!!

It DID NOT take me over 1 1/2 hour to sort, stack, browse, compare, contrast, decide, change my mind, and re-decide between the 52 proofs that our photographer provided me from our recent portrait shooting.

Daddy Buck and I DID NOT tailgate, watch football, party, and have a blast all day on Saturday, like newlyweds, without even calling to check on the boys, not even once. We did, however, think about, talk about, and miss them a whole heck of a lot.

Buck-a-roo DID NOT tell Daddy Buck and myself this evening, that under no circumstances would he be sitting on the lap of, telling his wish list to, or taking a picture with Santa Claus this Christmas season.

I DO NOT have the fever of the upcoming holiday season so bad, that I am eagerly wishing away the days until Thanksgiving is over and I can begin to decorate for Christmas. I DO NOT have the itch so bad that I dressed my children in the red and green colors of the season and took pictures this evening.

I AM NOT still on this computer at 11:23PM.....goodnight!!

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Kristan said...

Ok, I love their boots!! I am a horse girl s I love cowboy boots!! So sorry they lost!! It sucks when your team doesn't win!!!