07 November 2008

Flashback Friday

Since I have been on such an overall kick lately, I came across these pictures of the boys from two years ago wearing {that's right, you guessed it} OVERALLS!!

Speaking of overalls, allow me to end my "Flashback Friday" post with an "Out of the Mouths..." tidbit from Buck-a-roo:

Buck-a-roo: "Mom, I wanna wear my eyebrows to school today"

Me: Hmmmm, "Buck-a-roo, you are wearing your eyebrows"

Buck-a-roo: "No, I'm not!! I wanna wear my eyebrows today and I want Daddy to get some eyebrows too."

Me: "Buck-a-roo, you are wearing your eyebrows and Daddy is wearing his eyebrows too. {as I point to my eyebrows on my face} We always have our eyebrows on!!"

Buck-a-roo: {as he makes a gesture...throwing something over his shoulder and fastening something near his shoulders} "No, mom, my eyebrows that do this!!!"

Me: "Buck-a-roo, do you mean OVERALLS??"

Buck-a-roo: "YEA, eyebrows!!!"

So as not to dissapoint, there will be (Lord willing and the creek don't rise...as my grandmother would put it) a weekend wrap-up post on Sunday evening detailing the highlights of our weekend. Hmmm....work party for me on Friday night, LSU vs. Alabama football game on Saturday, baby shower for me on Sunday afternoon, visit to Bass Pro Shop for pictures with Santa on Sunday evening. Whew!!!

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Amy said...

Tell me more about the Bass Pro/Santa thing...we are missing my school's Santa pics this year and want to get some with him. I already have two birthday parties, the LSU game, and errands to do this weekend...but Sunday evening is free!