09 November 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Friday evening..... I attended a party for the Imaging Services Department at Our Lady of the Lake Hospital. The party started on a slow note seeing as there was a mid-afternoon wreck on the interstate that caused a city-wide gridlock for Friday afternoon/evening traffic. Once the guests began to trickle in, after traveling double the normal time it should have taken them to arrive, the party was a very nice event. I went as a guest of Mama Olive, whom I am sure you are all getting to know well as she is mentioned often on this blog. Food, beverages, music, and many friends from work.

Saturday.....was a fun-filled and tiring day that ended in heartbreak for our LSU Tigers. Daddy Buck and I tailgated all day for the widely anticipated LSU-Alabama football game.

Our neighbors tailgated and came to the game with us. They are huge Alabama (and one Auburn) fans.

It was a well-played fight to the end (overtime). Following the blocked field goal attempt with 3 seconds left on the clock, Daddy Buck and I just knew our team would pull it through. By this point, I had lost all hearing in my left ear because of Daddy Buck's screaming and had a knot in my stomach the size of Lake Ponchatrain. It was all over, in what seemed to be seconds, after our QB threw and interception in the endzone and AL scored in overtime. I guess, Saban has still NEVER lost in OT in Tiger Stadium.

On Sunday......after much-needed naps by Buck-a-roo, Frank-o, and myself while Daddy Buck watched the New Orleans Saints football game, we headed to Bass Pro Shop for the unveiling of Santa's workshop.

I had great intentions of capturing excellent holiday pictures of the boys early in the season. Maybe, just perhaps, even getting lucky enough to snag that ONE perfect snapshot for the annual Christmas card. Let me preface by saying that Buck-a-roo was having nothing to do with Santa Claus and in no way, shape, or form was he going to take a picture anywhere near him.

These two little elves were having no part of cooperation for poor ole Mom.

This is as close as any member of the Vaughn Family got to the large, round guy in the red suit with the white beard.

These two little guys would much rather be hanging from the bridge in the shoe department
scaling the rocks in front of the aquarium
or identifying every horned/antlered animal in the store
than posing for an incredible picture for their mom. Hey, they are cute regardless; so, I'll take what I can get. As their shirts read, they ARE my favorite presents of the season and year-round!!
Our family portrait gallery is now online and available for viewing for the next five days. Click here...Kimberly Meng Photography. Click on clients and our password is....vaughn1023.

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LeAndMatt said...

Oh Lori the pictures are wonderful! I love the brown and denim! Hope to see y'all at Thanksgiving!

Love ya