02 November 2008

the last weekend of what could possibly be considered the most chaotic month of Vaughn Family Chaos history

Friday evening:
"Trick-or-Treat"....I swear I was hearing that in my sleep that night :)

Trick-or-Treating being on a Friday night this year threw me into overdrive that afternoon/evening. It was a mad frenzy of picking up pizzas, getting adult beverages from the adult beverage place :), grabbing the kiddos from school, dressing in costumes, eating pizza not eating pizza to same plenty room for CANDY, taking pictures, preparing the trailer for the hayride, and actually going trick-or-treating. We took the children around the neighborhood for about an hour. Joining us on our hayride were two neighborhood families that are our dear friends and Mama Olive and her son, Little Lou. We all had a blast!! After Frank-o fell off the trailer and busted his head on the concrete and Buck-a-roo got spooked by some older children and were "stick-a-fork-in-'em done" trick-or-treatingAfter the kids had enough, we ended the evening at the neighbors' house with a bonfire!

That is the short written synopsis of our evening. Now allow me to show you the pictures.....they tell the real story.

Here's Buck-a-roo just prior to transforming into an LSU football player; he insisted all night that I not refer to him as Buck-a-roo; that I call him "LSU Football Player"

And, here's Frank-o just before becoming LSU's Mike the Tiger. Do not ask me why I found him in the bathroom sink....I have no flippin' idea why he was perched in the bathroom sink and is quickly trying to vault himself out of the sink as I approach the door

Jake & Brooke (twin cowboy and cowgirl)

Their brother, Drew (Optimus Prime Transformer)
Our neighbor, Jack (Batman)
Little Lou (another LSU's Mike the Tiger)
The "LSU Crew"

4 Hot Halloween Moms and 2 Mike the Tigers

Here's the BEST picture of the night, in my opinion
And, we ended the evening on a very sweet note (who says football players and mascots don't get along)
You can view the entire album of Trick-or-Treating 2008 by clicking here...

My grandparents came in town for the weekend, seeing as Daddy Buck was once again hunting and we all know how I am about staying alone ;). We had a terrific visit including a home-cooked meal by mwah and a trip to Bass Pro Shop.
My grandfather and his namesake, Buck-a-roo
My grandmother and Frank-o "flying high to the sky"

After the visit to Bass Pro Shop with my grandparents, Buck-a-roo had a birthday party to attend and Frank-o got to tag along. Also attending the party, was Buck-a-roo's preschool girlfriend, Bella.

If you just can't get enough of Buck-a-roo, Frank-o, and Bella then click here to view more pics...
(please excuse the un-uniform spacing in this post...I have edited, re-arranged, fooled with, and cussed at this computer for the past hour and I give up)
Geaux Tigers...WooHoo!! We beat the Tulane Green Wave. We only need prayers, miracles, grace of God, and possibly an injury or two to several key Bama players if we expect to Roll over the Tide this weekend :o)
Daddy Buck did not get the "big kill" this weekend and Papa Cody has not yet killed anything on his elk hunt in Colorado.
Let me run now so I can finish "falling back" the ump-teen clocks we have in this house!!
Good Night...Sleep Tight...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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